The key to mastering technology

is not in chasing each new fad

but in refining what you've got.

About Technical Systems

Technical Systems Decay

Complex systems are all around us, from software projects to government bureaucracies. Each complex system fulfills some requirement of our changing world. As new requirements are added, and old requirements shift, complex systems must be modified to suit. Often, these modifications are added in layers, with each new layer added so as not to interfere with those that came before. after all, changing an active system engenders a risk of interruption to current systems.

Layers of complexity build up, unintegrated into the prior layers. As unintegrated changes build up, each new change must interact with all previous layers. Despite one's best efforts, each new change begins to carry the very risk of interruption one wished to avoid! If this process continues, a complex system becomes too convoluted for any individual to understand fully, and changes too risky for any team to attempt.

Rather than hold you back

technology should unlock

your business potential.

Services We Offer

Implementing Software is Tricky

If you find yourself trying to manage a destabilized software project, you know that outside help is expensive. Often contractors seem more interested in a stop gap fix than in finding a real solution. We have the expertise to identify and implement permanent solutions, without hanging around for months.

Our team focuses on iterative techniques, stabilizing situations without disruption. All while simplifying systems, and eliminating the need for outside assistance. After all, we honestly enjoy seeing a healthy system.

It's Always Time to Upgrade

While it's true that chasing the newest fads can create confusion in any organisation, keeping abreast of new technologies is important. New technology can not only dramatically reduce costs, but can also help attract superior talent, and reduce liability. We can help you decide what technologies will best support your mission.

Hiring Technical Talent Is Hard

While every individual is valuable, picking the individual who will be best for your company is hard. When it comes to determining who has the technical know-how to advance your mission, don't rely on bloated resume's or outdated tests. We can sit in the room to let you know who's an expert, and who's really not.

A business struggling with technology…

…is a business struggling.

The Details

What We Charge

We have two pricing models to fit client needs. We bill at either an hourly rate of $250, or a negotiated percentage of savings resulting from our services.

Naturally, we bill only for success. If we cannot save you money, we will not bill you.

We offer substantial discounts for non-profit organizations

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Simply send us a brief email asking for a free evaluation, and we will get back to you within three business days to arrange the details.